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What do these rates mean?


Purchase rate p.a. (variable)

23.9% APR

Representative (variable)


Assumed credit limit

What do these rates mean? Continue
Representative example

Lenders offer different rates and credit limits depending on people's personal circumstances, but when you first start searching for a credit card you'll typically see the representative example. It shows the rate that at least 51% of those accepted for the credit deal will get on any given product. However, that does mean that almost half the people who are approved for the deal may not be eligible for the advertised rate and will get a different rate – usually a higher one.

Representative APR (Variable)

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate and it refers to the yearly cost of borrowing money. APR factors in how much interest you will have to pay. Variable APR means that the APR isn't fixed, and can change over time. So, the amount of interest you are charged each month will vary depended on the APR at that time. There are lots of reasons your APR might change, though it will usually be to stay in line with the Bank of England interest rate.

Purchase rate p.a. (Variable)

It is the annual interest rate on purchases. If you pay your credit card bill in full and on time, then you won't have to pay any interest on your purchases. It's only when you carry a balance over into a new month that you will have to pay interest.

Assumed credit limit

For standard credit cards, representative APR is based on a credit limit of £1,200 – this is the same for all lenders. Representative APR assumes you spend the full £1,200 on the first day and then pay it back in equal, regular instalments over a year without spending anything else. The credit limit you will get depends on your specific account and unique credit score.

Our credit card benefits

Enjoy all these benefits with no annual fees.


Zero interest on shopping
for 18 months

Remember to pay at least your minimum payment on time each month to keep the 0% rate we offer you.


Zero interest on balance transfers for 15 months

Available for 90 days from account opening. 2.99% fee applies, minimum £5.

Earn M&S vouchers when you shop

Collect Rewards Points and we will turn them into M&S vouchers for you.


Points for M&S shopping

Earn 1 Rewards Point per £1 spent in M&S (online and in store).


Points for spending outside M&S

Earn 1 Rewards Point per £5 spent outside M&S (e.g. petrol, shopping, traveling)

Rewards Points
in M&S vouchers
Points are converted to M&S vouchers and sent to you by post quarterly to spend at M&S.


Monthly spend at M&S

Online and in-store

Rewards Points: 0

Monthly spend elsewhere

(e.g. petrol, shopping, travelling)

Rewards Points: 0

Voucher amount

Per year


Total Rewards Points: 0

Also enjoy

55 days interest-free credit
When you pay your balance in full and on time each month.
No cash advance fee
When you buy your M&S Travel Money with the M&S Credit Card.
Add an additional cardholder
So you can both earn Rewards Points on all your shopping. Additional cardholder must be 18+.

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3 steps to your £25 M&S E-Gift Card

1. Apply
For the M&S Credit Card Shopping Plus offer.
2. Get accepted
And spend £250 in the first 90 days across 5 or more qualifying transactions.
3. Treat yourself
Get excited, your e-gift card will drop into your inbox within 40 days of meeting the spend criteria.
Ready to apply?

Looking to transfer a credit card balance?

Check out the Transfer Plus offer instead.

24.9% APR Representative (variable)

Balance transfer fees apply.